Prolog for Squeak 5/6

by Stéphane Rollandin

The original Prolog

Up to version 3.6 of Squeak, it was possible to load the Prolog/V implementation by Mike Teng, ported to Squeak by Bolot Kerimbaev.

This code is still available from SqueakMap. It loads in a 3.6 Squeak image, but not in a 3.7 one. Here is a ready-to-go 3.6 image.

The original documentation is v-prolog.pdf

Around 2009 I made it to load in more recent images (I think 3.10 at the time) and packaged it as a SAR archive: Prolog.sar
It then went subject to code rot again, and cannot be installed in newer images.

The new Squeak Prolog

In the process of porting the original Prolog/V to newer images I did fix a few bugs and improved uncompletely implemented features.
Then I kept hacking the code up to the point where it became quite different (and not even backward compatible).

I did maintain that version along the years, up to the time of writing (that is, 2022, and Squeak now at 6.0).
The latest updates bring important changes toward a more comprehensive Prolog.

Here are the main points of divergence with the original code:

The Prolog GUI in Squeak 6.0
Note the usage of input/output streams in the animals game,
and the pretty-printing of the answers


The most recent code is available on SqueakMap: check up the entry Prolog.
Prolog can be installed in a 5.1 or newer image (last tested on 5.1 and 6.0).

You can also get it here: PrologSPFA-31.sar (October 30th, 2022).

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