Home-made software

by Stéphane Rollandin
(en français ici)

Squeak Smalltalk code:

µO is an environment for music composition.

LambdaMessageSend is a framework for functional programming in Squeak.

LispKit is a framework for building custom Lisp interpreters. It features a Scheme implementation.

I am also currently maintaining a Prolog implementation for Squeak.

Saucers!: Space Invaders, revisited.

Guardians: The Sentinel, revisited.

Boadebui, a simple and easy-to-use MIDI sequencer for constant beat music.

(and the development snapshot of an engine for roguelike games)

KeyKit code:

GeoMaestro is an (older) experimental music composition system.

GNU Emacs Lisp code:

keykit-mode is a major mode for editing and evaluating KeyKit code.

csound-x is a powerful front-end for Csound.

download stef-elisp-2.29.zip

updated on July 13, 2015 (older versions available)

Surmulot: open software for music composition

Surmulot is an environment for music composition integrating Squeak/µO, Emacs/Csound-x, Csound and more.

Comments, bug reports, feature requests are welcome:

Write to Stef, at hepta@zogotounga.net

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